Luke Hartig

Executive Editor

Luke Hartig (@LukeHartig) is Executive Editor of Just Security. He is also Executive Director of National Journal’s Network Science Initiative and Fellow, International Security Program at New America.

Luke previously served as Senior Director for Counterterrorism at the National Security Council (NSC), where he was responsible for advising White House leadership on counterterrorism matters and co-managing the NSC’s counterterrorism policy office. Prior to the NSC, Luke served as the deputy director for counterterrorism operations in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Luke has also served in various national security positions with the State Department, Office of Management and Budget, Government Accountability Office, and U.S. Forces Afghanistan. Luke began his career as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala.

Luke holds an M.P.P. from the Harvard Kennedy School and a B.A. in international relations from Boston University. He is a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a fellow with the Truman National Security Project. Luke is also on LinkedIn.

Articles by this author:

Permanently Winding Down the War on Terror Requires Greater Transparency

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The Biden Drone Playbook: The Elusive Promise of Restrained Counterterrorism


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Still at War: The United States in Yemen

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A Big Step Forward or Running in Place?: The Pentagon’s New Policy on Civilian Casualties


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Questions on the Baghuz Strikes

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Nov 15th, 2021

Reexamining the Fundamentals of the Drone Program After the Kabul Strike


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Five Principles to End the Forever War


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Biden’s Drone Policy Review: Recommendations for a Reset


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Not a Coup at DOD: How Acting Sec. Miller’s Reorganization May Improve Special Ops Oversight


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Prosecuting the ISIS “Beatles:” A testament to dedicated US government professionalism


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On 9/11, Interrogating the Assumptions that Undergird the “Forever War”


Sep 11th, 2020

Ten Days that Show Why Trump’s Wrong on Terrorism

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May 27th, 2020

What Counts As Sufficient Transparency on Civilian Casualties in Somalia


Apr 20th, 2020

Trump’s Fatal Mistake: Killing Soleimani vs. Countering ISIS


Jan 6th, 2020

The Missing Assistant Secretary of Defense and the Soleimani Strike


Jan 3rd, 2020

IG Falls Short of Justice in Investigating Political Retaliation at the State Department


Nov 22nd, 2019

Trump’s Communications Malpractice Mars His Victory Lap on al-Baghdadi


Oct 28th, 2019

How the GOP’s Internal Politics of Raiding Military Construction Projects Will Play Out


Sep 4th, 2019

Part III: The Muddy Middle: A New Framework for Use of Force

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Aug 16th, 2019

Part II: The Muddy Middle: Challenges of Applying Use of Force Policy Guidance in Practice

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Aug 15th, 2019

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